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Bucket Truck Accident

Las Vegas authorities confirmed last Friday that a man was taken to Sunrise Hospital following an accident involving a tree-trimming bucket truck. The man is believed to be in critical condition after suffering a fall from the bucket on Sandhill Road.

The cause of the fall appears to be a passing truck that struck the elevated bucket truck while the subcontractor was trimming trees around power lines. The driver of the passing truck remained on the scene and administered help.

Bystanders estimate that the injured sub-contractor was about 25-30 feet into the air when he fell. Those first on the scene administered help to the injured man who was unable to speak and was reportedly foaming at the mouth. He was, however, able to open his eyes.

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What is Dielectric Testing?

The phrase "dielectric testing" refers to the process of evaluating the insulation of a component to determine whether it is sufficient to protect against electric shock to user. To make such a determination, dielectric testers apply an excessive (above normal operating voltage) amount of voltage to a component to see if the component leaks an electrical current.

Dielectric testing is an important process that contributes to the safety of various work environments by greatly reducing the risk of serious injury and death.

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