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About Ultimate Dielectric

While all businesses want a safe environment for their employees, some industries require extra steps to ensure that. Are your employees required to wear insulated gloves or sleeves? Do you have a fleet of vehicles that are in contact with high voltage electrical sources? Or workers that use hot sticks?

That’s where we come in. Ultimate Dielectric’s sole focus is on testing your equipment to make sure it is safe to use. And let’s face it, ensuring your people’s safety is priceless.

Specifically, Ultimate Dielectric tests gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hoses, hot sticks, jumpers, grounds, bucket trucks, digger trucks, cranes, and even more. We also offer repairs on hot sticks and grounds.

Using quality dielectric testing methods, we apply voltage to your equipment in excess of what that equipment is rated for so that you are confident that the insulation you’re providing your employees is more than adequate. While accidents can always happen, our job is to partner with you as part of your safety team to reduce mishaps even further.

Ultimate Dielectric is a family-owned business based in Fort Worth, Texas. We offer the highest quality customer service, and our promise to you, in addition to professional testing procedures, is our fast turnaround time. In fact, we even offer a mobile service so we can come to you!

As an example of our customer service, we will clean your gloves, stamp, bag and seal them at no additional cost. All hot sticks will be cleaned and waxed, and all bucket trucks and digger derricks will include a bucket liner test—all at no extra cost!

If you have a specialty item that needs to be tested, please call us and we will arrange it. No business or product is too big or too small for our group of professionals. We offer free quotes to all customers, including products not listed here.

Our prices are affordable and our payment options are friendly as well. We also take credit cards.

Remember: the biggest responsibility any owner/supervisor has every day of the week is the safety of his or her crew. Your diligence in testing the protective equipment your employees use and wear will bring peace of mind to you; and that peace of mind will also be evident in your employees who know you care about them, their safety and their families.

Ultimate Dielectric. Call us today!